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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Factionless, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. Reply with your suggestions for bots I should make. I prefer simple tasks to get them done quickly.

    Right now i'm looking for money making suggestions, preferably for RS3, but I don't mind doing things for OSRS as long as I have the requirements.

    Also, if anybody wants to donate accounts for me to test my bots with, I'd be honored to use them. (Not trash accounts lol)
  2. I'd suggest a mature grothworm killer with alching.
    Also a soldier cockroach with alching for lower levels.
    Both are good money and dead places where nobody comes anymore.
    Just make both where you can alch things for cash.
    Other suggestions: Turoth killer, rorrari looter (that's still 500k/hr)
    Actually rorrari looter can be quite the profit, i'd be willing to let you test with one of my accounts if i get a benefit from it and you can show me you have good scripts bots.
  3. Well well well,

    Eating pies ^^ Srsly Buying meat pies/half meat pies(half is cheaper) on G.E and selling the pie dishes og G.E will make a bit of profit. So the bot have to either Buy them from GE and post them, or take them from bank eat them and bank them :) ITs about 124 gp/each.

    I'd say a bot can eat about 1200 pies an hour so 1200*124 = 148800.
    But yeah theres a limit of 1000 on G.E :(
  4. A working ankous script bot, kills ankous, loots valuables + magic note paper.
    since all the combat scripts bots at the moment suck @ looting because of the camera angles etc.

    ankous are (including looting coins) like 500k gp/h and 80k xp/h, which is pretty nice for a combat method :)
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  5. I also think you should make a Ankous bot for osrs or even both. Bank support would be really nice too.
  6. A working wine drinker + jug filler, only drinking the wine (providing you have enough, 1k GE limit) is about 400k profit/h, jugs of water are 100gp more expensive than the empty jugs.
    I can't really calculate that atm, but filling 1k jugs with water is about 100k extra profit.

    Shouldn't be really hard to program, but what do I know. You may consider atleast? :)

    EDIT: Added profit from 1k wines.
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  7. Clan citadel script bot: You help out both your clan by making produce and yourself by gaining exp. It's easy to create it's basically 1 click bot.
  8. Bump. I need a large list of bots to make this summer. Till then, keep suggesting!
  9. i would love to see a osrs bot for mining
    1. a essence miner would be nice
    2. a miner with banking for different locations
    3. powerminer

    Dont know if it is hard to programm or not but i would love to see one.

  10. I think a dungeoneering bot would be a pretty simple task for you.
  11. An open source Slayer bot? Make it so that everyone can write with the use of a simple format a part for every monster. You have to make the basic skeleton of getting new tasks, banking and stuff.

    The community can add monster, with style (magic, melee and range), what special items or armour you need, and ways of transportation perhaps? I don't know if this us realisable, but I think it would save you work, and it will really involve the community in your bot.

    It will require constant attention from you though, because people can submit any monster continuously which you will have to add.

    Whatcha think?
  12. Why don't you instead focus on a very large project?

    What I think would be perfect is a bot that does farm runs. Even better would be if you could run it alongside another bot and that it would do a farm run every 1.5 hours and use say JSmithing during the waiting time. Would make a sick bot and very nice antiban.
  13. this
  14. Because i'm not good at java lol
  15. Then isn't this the perfect time to learn? ;)
  16. what about a Hard clue hunting bot? gets hard clues @ hellhounds in tav dung and completes them
  17. Considering I've never done a clue scroll in my life...
  18. Are there any bots that actually automatically logs the bot out for a certain amount of time then logs back in and repeats for 24/7 botting without touching the bot?
  19. Eh this why people fail at life.


    This is not the stock market where you make shit crash for your personal profit.

    We need scripts bots that will last and not bring attention to the people or task at hand.
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