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  1. So i've been running runemate alpha abyss rcer and it costs 4 cents an hour and everything has been great , its an amazing bot. I never run it for more then 2 hours at a time and in total i've ran it maybe around 20-25 hours.

    But today i was charged randomly 80cents saying that i botted 20 hours but I only botted 1 hour today.

    Is there a extra charge every certain number of hours?

    Here is the transaction history :
    You sent $0.80 to RuneMate
    [Running] Alpha Abyss Runecrafter - $0.04 x 20 hours

    1 minute ago

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    Post #4 by Arbiter, Oct 13, 2015
  3. Is it still showing the [Running] tag before it in your transaction log? If so, that means the system stills sees it as an ongoing session activity. Run Task Manager and see if you have any extra java.exe processes running. Report back please.
  4. Yes it is still showing running but there is no java processes
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    Thanks for clearing that ! Just saw the refund :)
  5. No problem. Sorry for the inconvenience and happy botting! :)
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