F-5 Cooker 0.1.1

Cooking cape in no-time.

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  2. Does this support the eternal bonfire in Elf City?
  3. No, I don't have an account and I won't borrow any.
  4. Why won't you borrow any? :O I'd be willing to lend you mine.
  5. Your account could be at risk of getting locked. And I can't find any information about the eternal fire in elf city.

    Edit: I'm guessing it's the fire everyone trains firemaking on? The one in the max guild or whatever its called?
  6. The risk is slim to none. You could always Teamviewer him and collect data. :p
  7. For this situation, I would rather not risk it, because an elf city account is really high stats + quests.
  8. Thus the suggestion following.
  9. I don't release untested bots. *cough* @Aria *cough*
  10. No, I was talking about the bonfire in the top left corner, right next to the G.E.

    If you want to use teamviewer send me a pm. I really want this to happen, because dxp is coming up and I want to get 99 cooking then.
  11. Used for 8 hours, it worked for about 2 hours and the other 6 hours just standing at bank.
  12. Elaborate, describe the situation. I've ran it for 6 hours with no hitch.
  13. I can't describe the situation because i was sleeping.
    The bot cooked 871 lobsters in 8 hours (its normal 400 - 500 lobsters/h)
  14. The only reason I can think that would happen is that you started on a tile you can't light fires on. The code itself is fool proof.
  15. Oh i dont know, i will start the bot again and this time i will watch what the bot does
  16. Can't you make it use presets? It would be much faster than the current methode.

    EDIT: Here's a progress report. Still think you can get more fish/h if presets were used but it works.
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  17. I'll add them when I get time, probably the day after tomorrow.
  18. For some reason the bot continuously tries to use the fire to cook fish, even though its already cooking.

    So it uses the fire, selects the cook option. Starts cooking like normal. then before the inventory is done cooking it tries to use teh fire and cook the fish again. Not sure why this happens.
  19. hey absolutely great bot its gotten me from 1-84 cooking so far! just one problem, it really needs a log out function when it runs out of stuff to cook. Coming back to it trying to constantly withdraw the bank preset when there is no fish left looks very VERY botty, probs will get banned soon cause of it. Please add a log out function :p Thanks again!

    EDIT: Also it sometimes just gets stuck on using/lighting a fire, it just doesnt select anything when the menu comes up from right clicking the fire or spot. I find this usually happens when the fire dies just as its about to use the fire. It just doesn't select anything when the option comes up sometimes and i have to move the mouse to fix it.
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