RS3 F2P & P2P Quest Bot

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  1. Removed Getting someone to do these as a service.
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  2. I'm wondering how much you would be willing to pay for this (not that I would make a quest bot, I'm just curious).
  3. I duno not much tbh, If its $20-30 per quest then I wont be asking for people to make em

    I just hate quests real bad
  4. You can usually find someone to do them for you for a lot cheaper.
  5. I was thinking about that.
  6. Yes, it'd probably cost less than $30 for all the quests you wanted.
  7. I could do it, it would not be that good of one but not the most impossible thing ever
  8. For free ? <3
  9. no, for one I would have to relearn java, bescuse I have not used it in years, two- it would not be easy, some quests like the blood pact I could do for free, but after that it gets very hard, four if I get paid to do it, I could improve it more

    if I where to do it, it would only be like $0.10 per hour, which is not much

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