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  1. Here ya go.

    @Arbiter , @Cloud failcache.png failcache2.png

    Breakdown of the error:
    1. The bank booths are not doors.
    2. The other objects don't look right either.

    Full documentation to how I achieved this great error from the game. (In detail)

    1. I logged into runescape.
    (To login I started the OSRS runescape client - GitHub - HikariKnight/rsu-client: A git repository for the RuneScape Linux/Unix Client Project is the client I used on linux. I can break down how I start that as well)
    2. I turned on my bot and noticed it was not functioning properly.
    (I made a custom bot and clicked the Bot I made, then my account, then the prior mentioned OSRS client, and then clicked start.)
    3. I went to the dev kit and took a picture of the objects it showed I was by which corresponded with the image right above in this area.
    (To open the dev kit, I stopped my dysfunctional bot. Then went to the bot list and chose the development kit bot provided by the bot store. Creator listed as Cloud)

    How to reproduce:
    Most likely have the same gamepack loaded, go to zeah (where I was documenting), or most likely a few other places in game.
    Start dev kit. (per previous listed processes above)

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  3. Remember how I said report it documented well? This isn't that @Zasz.

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  4. Sure, @Arbiter, broke down and even showed how to reproduce.
  5. Not entirely sure what this has to do with caching, although I guess definition loading involves loading from the jagex cache.
    I've done a little investigating, it seems like it's OSRS only and it only affects some GameObjects, still looking into it atm.
  6. Resolved with latest update.

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