Bug Failed to bind to the game client because of a AgentInitiationExeption RS3 client

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  1. Can some one please help i have set everything else up even downloaded the right client, just cant seem to get the bot to work on the client :(
  2. Can you send the logs please.
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  3. Same problem. Follows my log below.

    [Debug] RuneMate Version: 2.3.5
    [Debug] Java Version: 8u92 x86 (Oracle Corporation)
    [Debug] Operating System: Windows 10 x64
    Attempting to start official client. If it does not open shortly please do so manually.
    Checking for a new game instance every second for two minutes or until one is found.
    Found a new game instance after 13 seconds.
    Failed to bind to the game client because of a AgentInitializationException
    com.sun.tools.attach.AgentInitializationException: Agent JAR loaded but agent failed to initialize
    at sun.tools.attach.HotSpotVirtualMachine.loadAgent(cv:110)
    at nul.iIiIiIiiIiII.false(ckb:117)
    at nul.iIiIiIiiIIii.run(amb:168)
  4. Do you have multiple hard drives?
  5. same problemmmmm
  6. Same problem, spent an hour reading through all the old threads, didn't find anything helpful

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