Question Failed to bind virtual machine because of a IOEXception

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by DutchLeecher, May 25, 2016.

  1. Failed to bind virtual machine because of a IOEXception

    When i want to start the Instance it gives me that error.

    I uploaded 2 logs aswell.

    Hope someone can help me :(

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  2. You're getting Access Forbidden (error 403) for some reason. @Arbiter any ideas?

    In the mean time, ensure your have an exception for RuneMate in your Firewall, clear your browser cache and ensure you're always running RuneMate as administrator.
  3. Should not be a need to run as admin, but try disabling your firewall or whitelisting RuneMate.

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  4. What your problem likely is and I say this having had it happen to me twice now, is that runescape has been updated and u haven't logged out of your runemate client and logged back in since the runescape update. Both times this has fixed my problem. Sounds simple but give it a shot, log out and exit runemate client then log back in. Hope this helps someone.

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