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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by opticness, Jan 24, 2015.

  1. So I know a few years ago when I botted using Powerbot, there was a script bot to kill Falador Guards and loot the bones/iron bolts/grapes. This bot not only made great money, but helped train combat for lower-leveled accounts. Is there any chance of someone working on a script bot like this?

    Simply get out 3-4 pieces of food (probably not even needed with eoc), kill and loot until the inventory is full, then bank in the south-west bank. And when you enter the bank you will heal full, so even less food is needed. I remember I had an account I ran this on and got 50 attack, 50 defense, and 75 strength in not too long. I feel it would be a good addition to RuneMate.
  2. I'll add a profile to MassFighter to do this for you, what guard location? Castle or Gates?
  3. That would be wonderful, especially with custom looting. I use gates right in front of the lodestone teleport, since there's a decent amount of guards and it's close to the bank. If you need anyone to test it I'm always available with accounts.
  4. I'll need to change a few things around to allow custom looting with profiles, what loot would you like me to add just until I get chance to do that?
  5. Notable drops (f2p): Grapes, Blood rune, Nature rune, Iron platebody, Steel bar, and F2P rare drop table (uncut gems)
    I think its generally not worth it to pick up basic rune drops when that time could be spent killing more guards.
  6. The main item is grapes, but also bones would make for a good profit as well. As Furor said, blood and nature runes happen every once in a while so if you want to add those, feel free to. Grapes and bones are the main 2 money making items.
  7. I've made the profile and it seems to be working well, I'll test it for a bit longer on an account which needs food and then I'll upload.
  8. Wow, that was fast. Once you post it I'll be running it and let you know of progress/issues in it. Thanks a lot!
  9. Can't the users make their own custom profiles?
  10. That's what I'm planning to support in the near future, currently they're all made by me but the structure is there.
  11. script bot seems to run very smooth, thanks a lot! I'll be doing more testing very soon. I did notice that when you stop the script bot, the GUI stays counting on the screen. Not sure who's side that would be on though.

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