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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by MichaelK, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. I would love to see a farming bot. One that supports all patches (trees, allotments, herbs) + teleports. And when there is nothing to do that it will cut ivy or something. Can somebody may consider this? It would be really awesome:)
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  2. I was working on one but it's rather difficult to keep it well structured and to collect the required data.. haven't given up on it tho.
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  3. I understand it is one of the most difficult and advanced bots in Runescape, and you're already my hero for trying
  4. I believe to have collected all the required data for herbs, now all that's left is verifying it and then making the actual script bot. I can combine this with my scripts bots as I gotta wait for herbs to grow :D
    I might have a working herb runner by tonight, can't promise anything tho
  5. That's ok! And can you for example fish or fletch in the time youre waiting?
  6. When the script bot is finished I will add things to do in the meantime yes, first I'm busy converting a farming api I found which is very useful
  7. You can bot livid farm. I think it's about 30k/hr.
  8. Farming bot would have been finished but then UCL Final happened, should be finished soon.
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  9. RIP Juve. :(

    Good luck on finishing the script bot man. :p
  10. Yeh, i think it was Juve's last chance of winning a bit tournament :( i hate barce... to much money, to much power thanks to the money :'(
  11. Varps are a pain to gather xD
  12. Keeping it well structured is more of a pain than getting the actual data on this one ;)
  13. I've got the first bit down packed, but I honestly cbf walking around gathering the data and all that I could find on the web are some OSRS varps which don't seem to match RS3 :(
  14. That's why I never make bots for OSRS :)
  15. Because you can find half the data you need on the web? xD
  16. Oh kinda misread it; anyways I hate OSRS :p

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