RS3 Farming Bot

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by MichaelK, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. I think it will be incredible if there would be a good working farming bot. Where you can put in all de herbs, trees, crops and everything else. Is there somebody who would like to do this?
  2. That would be awesome
  3. I am thinking about it
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  4. You'd make some nice $$ if it were to go premium m9.
  5. Yeah i am thinking about this too. What do you think would be price for it
  6. Single instance $15-20
  7. Per h
  8. Purr what? I don't get it ^^
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  9. The pricing is per hour if you follow the premium track on RuneMate. Not instanced.
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  10. 0.420 per hour
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  11. That's about right!
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  12. Remember when you said to watch suits? Dude watch franklin and bash.

    That shit is awesome too and its similar to suits
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  13. Thanks for this, adding it to my list.
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  14. Very cool would use +1

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