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    I have no clue where I should post this, this seemed like a good place.

    ~ Arbiter

    Very friendly, very customer involved which is great for customer satisfaction. Can ask him anything and expect a good answer in return. This is one of the best communities I've ever been part of, and that's mainly because Arbiter shaped it that way. Kudos!

    ~ Cloud

    I can't imagine what a work he puts into this. Reviewing every single bot update, fixing bugs in the client and writing new API's here and there.... It seems too much to handle for one person, but he still manages. Together with Arbiter you're a golden team.

    ~ Evilcabbage

    Ma man. From the start I liked this guy because of shared personal interests, and also we share the country where we come from. Helps out when you want posts deleted, seems to do a good job. IMO the best mod. :)

    ~ Aidden

    I have no clue what you do moderating-wise, but I know that's you're an amazing coder. I can't wait till you start that fixing spree after your exams. Good luck on them by the way. ;)

    ~ Falixus

    You hop online a few times per week and usually troll someone and log off again. Again, no idea if you do anything moderating related. :p

    ~ Quantum

    I don't really know who he is as he's rarely online. He handles advertising or something? I don't know. D:

    ~ All bot writers

    There isn't a single bot writer on this forum that isn't a true addition to the "team". Except for bonecode (fuk u buncud :----------) ) they're relatively well mannered and always in for a joke. Give advice even when you're not really experienced in writing bots (like myself ;) ).

    The thread seems rather kiss-ass, but it's not meant to suck up to anyone. I think for a change it's good to hear a positive thought of mind, a compliment or something.

    Feel free to add your personal feedback to anyone really on this thread! :D
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  2. Dellgenius

    Dec 27, 2014
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    I agree with everything you said there. Especially the Arbiter and Cloud part. They truly are a golden team together.
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  3. Insomniac

    Jan 27, 2015
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    Quantum is a mysterious guy.
  4. Arbiter

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    Jul 26, 2013
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    Thanks mate! It's stuff like this that keeps us going. As I'm sure you can guess @Cloud could be making a shitton more money elsewhere, but we're both dedicated to this project, community, and everything we stand for. We love our Staff, Bot Authors, and Supporters. Without such an excellent community none of this would exist.
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  5. Falixus

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    Thanks for the feedback for all of us, man. I'll definitely try to improve in being more online wise.
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