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  1. Hello, RuneMate community. I'm fairly new to this botting community and was just curious to know if RuneMate's client has a high ban rate? I was previously using a different bot that could easily be detected, and now I just need a client that I can rely on!
  2. As of now, Runemate has a really low ban rate. As long as you dont bot more than 10-15 hours a day, the chance of a ban are almost negligible.
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  3. RuneMate is BY FAR the safest client around.
  4. Ive been botting a lot on rs3 for the past month and a half and I've managed to make good progress without a single ban. I would say this is the best bot around.
  5. Thanks, guys. I recently got banned for 48 hours and just needed a safer bot!
  6. Just don't bot on new accounts, and don't bot for extreme amount of hours a day and you're good to go. :p
  7. My account was 14 days old when I started botting, prolly botted about 24 days out of 30 watching my adventure log
  8. By far ONE of the best clients out there.
  9. I highly recommend against fishing on a new account, because apparently that's a very easy method to get banned.
    I started an account yesterday, botted fishing for ~4 hours (which is not an extensive period of time), and was banned pretty quickly afterwards.

    That was using Runemate only as well.
  10. You can rely on runemate, guaranteed, i've only been training combat so i haven't used any bots for skilling yet but the mellee/range/mage is solid so far. Botting around 10 hours a day

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