Implemented Filter out accounts in use

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  1. The clients already in use by an instance get filtered out of the list for starting new instances, accounts should be too.There's no practical use for having the accounts that are already in use appear in the list. @Arbiter
  2. Fair point.
  3. @Arbiter want to implement this one or should I?
  4. You please. Let me know if you have trouble with the UI side or just delegate that back to me.
  5. Does this work for using multiple bots on multiple computers?
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    Like say account A is on computer 1 and Account B is on computer 2; they both have active instances... would Computer 2 would see the account A in the list still?
  6. While we could get this to work, we won't. Could lead to some nasty edge cases, like an instance not being able to shut down properly (for example, due to a disconnect). We'll keep it local only.
  7. lame but i understand ok ty
  8. @Vaped How's the implementation going?
  9. I went ahead and implemented it. Should be in the next build.

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