OSRS First account banned using RM

Discussion in 'OSRS' started by PhaseCoder, Jan 15, 2015.

  1. Yep got a perm on my account using RM account wasnt a through away either was over 5 years old memberd it to bot osrs, but merrr was a through away to me was just laid around doing nothing, but straight perm!

    22 accounts still standing!

    Tip: dont bot rockcrabs
  2. A through away? Throwaway ^^

    Great to see the where not to bot threads cumming up!
  3. I advise you to not bot on any spot that has frequent botters.
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  4. The pace I am going right now I think I will max out on a fresh account lol
  5. I got banned on my osrs account but I was wcing like no tomorrow lol. Hit 78 hours before banned lol.
  6. I've only had a couple of fresh accounts banned via RuneMate. Any account that I quest on between botting sessions hasn't been banned yet. Seems like quite a reliable client and I'm happy to support the project.
  7. The only time i ever get banned is when I bot 24/7 on osrs. I never really get banned on rs3 unless I'm doing something stupid on an F2p account.

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