RS3 First account recovered!!

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by moneyblades, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. Today I managed to recover my first account with the help of Jagex Support but this account is about 7-8 years old with a username login!!
    Haven't logged in, in over 4 years!( I personally haven't played on it a bit longer- due to my account being hacked for its great wealth at the now has nearly nothing of value)
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  2. He recovered the account for you; now he'll ban you too. Mentioning the name of the mod who helped you, and also posting all and every stats is not the smartest thing you could do.
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  3. Wtf dude hahahahaha :D
  4. I dont know why he would ban the account, there is no proof that he has or will bot on this account?
  5. Why would he ban the account? What does mentioning the name of the mod and showing the stats mean? The account hasen't been botted on and I don't plan on it.
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  6. They have manually banned a couple people who have posted screenshots on botting/black-market sites.
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  7. Interesting, The name of the account was covered in the picture - I've now hidden some stats and changed the text to not mention anyone specific. Thanks for letting me know though dude
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  8. Well, congrats! First accounts are always something special.

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