First Araxxi kill

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by Epicsniperking, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. Got my first Araxxi kill, did it on the beta with an outdated save but still managed to kill it :)

    Used 2 phoenix necklaces and a sign of life in the kill lol

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  2. Your username is visible if you didnt know, anyways good job! I want to go araxxi too but I'm too lazy doing quests for curses. :(
  3. This is impressive, especially because you used rcb + ricochet as your 2nd ability with revolution.
  4. I got a spider leg piece on my first kill. :D
  5. It wasnt that hard with rcb, the main difficulty i had was the mechanics. I had fine accuracy fighting araxyte and did good dps with it, ofc not as much as ascensions but still good.
  6. Which paths are open while you've done this?
  7. the middle path and the bottom, i died once on the bottom path when i failed a dodge and died again in the 3rd phase to one of the toxic spiders that spawned and i didnt see. it killed me so hard it consumed both my phoenix necklace and my sign of life.

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