Dark First Ban on my accounts

Discussion in 'DarkScape' started by loli, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. Today my main got perma-banned for botting. Just a warning that they are starting to happen.

    anyone else?
    RIP :(
  2. 2 accounts of mine were banned aswell and the same happened to multiple other botters
  3. I don't bot nothing on my main. That is 100% legit. Rest is throw away accounts which is just to give me extra $$$ lol
  4. Nah. 17m exp within 3 days.
  5. no bann yet, like they all say bot hard or go home lol
  6. Hey there that my quote back the hell down or do i need to make you?
  7. I have a slight feeling that you are in no position to play big boi.
  8. Come at me m8
    1v1 i'm MLG m8
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  9. With botting wat?
  10. ment nothing but love
  11. Nope, been botting for like 2 weeks, but I bot like i'm an actual real player; I bot like how a real player plays runescape, during the day, stops for couple hours and continues.
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  12. I feel like this is the best way. Interacting with your client and the game around you/chat is adding a whole 'nother layer of anti-ban really...
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  13. Just bot a few hours a day like 8-12 then log it out and repeat. I got nearly 90 fishing with one haha and another with 91rc. Looking to upgrade ram soon so I can run more then two.
  14. Ya I chat with people when I babysit bot too so I don't get reported

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