RS3 First proggy with RuneMate

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  1. Hello!

    I simply can't remember how I found RuneMate, but somehow I did.
    At first sight I had a thought that RuneMate is the new era of botting.
    After reading through the forums - this is the probably the coolest community I've seen - I tested the client with a woodcutting/firemaking bot, after 4 hours of me being in at the local sportsbar to watch some Champions League, the bot got me to around 40 in both skills. So I tested some other bots and I can say that this is the best I've ever used.

    I decided to support with a low amount at this moment since I don't actually have enough to give away this month.

    Will definetely post more proggies and so on. :)

    Have a nice day! ;)


    I've added some more proggies.
    This is from my "suicide" bot account. Or as you can say, my goldfarming account.
    Doing RuneSpan overnight these couple of days and then I will do some crafting during the mid-days.

    Hopefully it will survive through the DXP weekend and maybe get me the first level 99 on it.

    Take care & have fun!

    // Janse
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  2. Welcome and nice proggy. Stick around. ;)
  3. Thanks! :)
  4. This is just the beginning. You'll end up with 24h proggies very soon(tm).
  5. Haha. I've botted crafting for 3 hours, going for probably 6-8 hours today. Depends on if I have the amount of cash to do it in game. But yeah, Them 24 hours will come sooner or later :cool:
  6. Seems awesome, I am also a quite new member here and I agree to 100% of your thoughts regarding this community =D This is surely the most efficent free rs-botting service I've came across.

    Also, welcome!
  7. Yes it is! I really like it :D
    Welcome to you too - happy botting, lol :p
  8. v nice, eventually you'll get to the point where you get bored and just bot as long as you possibly can.
  9. I remember my first proggie here, was a 24 hour proggie with MaxiWoodcutter, on OSRS :p they've only gotten higher from there :D Welcome to the community :) Enjoy your stay, PM me if you need some basic help, I've used quite alot of the bots here.
  10. Thanks guys!
    @zxcharyy I've been botting for like 10-16 hours a day haha. :D
    Been trying to get some mills, going slowly atm, as I don't know what to bot to get a good amount of GPs/hour :p

    Thanks man! I might pm you haha.
    Have a nice day (y)
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