first progress report?

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by evertpils, Mar 20, 2014.

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  2. Lovin' it! Is this Salvation's bot?
  3. Very nice!
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  4. Wow! Very nice man, good to see a script bot up and running already
  5. Looking good, mate.
  6. l2push lmao
  7. You don't even say "Thank you for using my script bot and posting progress reports" ? You ungrateful piece of shit! No jk @Salvation , ly<3
    Good to see it's actually working, keep us updated on your stats perhaps? :)
  8. Keep the proggies coming!
  9. Nice to see any pictures of this bot in action. How good is this bot really? is it in beta or whats going on?
  10. It is, however it is nearly ready for official public release. Tasks currently being worked on can be found here.
    And if you're interested in scripting, the jdocs are here
  11. @Aidden
    Will this bot be safe to use on rs3? will this be the rise of botting side?
  12. As far as I know, its completely safe on both game versions. Not entirely sure what you meanbm by botting side
  13. I mean like will this bot make the botting world much stronger? like back in the days
  14. Well that's the hope :) Bring back the good old days of botting!
  15. Iam so glad i found this site, I found this site searching on google for arbiter because i wonder what happend to him and then i found this :)
  16. Haha, yes i think Arbiter being a developer here will bring in a lot of members once we hit RC1 and start advertising :)
    Are you a scripter?
  17. Sadly no, iam just botter have been botting since 2008/2009 but never got around learning scripting i wish i did:/
  18. It's never too late to start :) If you don't know java yet you just need to watch a few video tutorials to get the feel for the language, a good series is from thenewboston on youtube. From there you just need to start simple, concentrate on individual tasks and before you know it you've made a complicated script bot without it feeling that way :)
  19. Thanks man will check that out, I started to look in to html codeing a few weeks ago ( just know the basic so far) and i needed javascripts for it but i though it was to hard/much time i had to put in to it. Going to try out scripting now and see how well that goes. Would you like to help me out later with questions and other problems?

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