First RuneMate Proggy

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by Seiv, Nov 7, 2015.

  1. [​IMG]

    Thanks MaxiFisher, Celetial fisher, your equally flawless!

    Much love, this bot(runemate) is amazing.
  2. Mentioning my bot, can you confirm it is working right now?
    According to my exception log there are difficulties starting it.
  3. Congratulations for the level! And yeah RuneMate is the best haha :p
  4. I encountered no problems starting your bot, however yours did get stuck at one point. What happened was, there was an unreachable fishing spot of the same type I was trying to fish, and when it clicked on it and couldn't reach it, it seemly frooze, and didn't move after that. (Maxifisher avoided clicking that unreachable spot btw), not sure if Maxi's detected it was unreachable, or it it black-listed that spot after trying to click it.

  5. Where were you fishing?
  6. The observatory, which is located just above Castle Wars.


    The green circles roughly represent the fishing spots I was using and the red is the general location of the unreachable spot it clicked once and froze on.
  7. Alright I will look into it
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  8. Had your fisher bot not start only one time ^^ I Just restarted the client and your bot and it worked then :)

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