Dark Fisher/Woodchop/cook combo?

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  1. I had an idea for a bot, what about one that fishes until there's only 1 spot in your inventory left, chops the nearest tree for a log, then cooks the fish? I don't *think* it would be that difficult, but then again, i'm not a coder. (if there's already a bot that does that, let me know, I didn't see it in the bot store, but I might have missed it.)
  2. Lol I literally just made a bot like this but its for osrs. It will be released soon and is called Catherby LiteAIO.
    It currently has fish, wood cut, fletch and pick flax. I plan to add an option to disable the tasks you don't want to do (like f you don't want it to pick flax you can disable it)

    I could see if it works of darkscape but I don't have a DS account. Maybe you would test for me?
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  3. I've just created this a couple days ago for DarkScape, altough I'm still improving it. Also I need to add more fishing spots.
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