Tutorial [Fix] Unable to Load Parameter File

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    If you attempt to delete your Runescape cache and do so incorrectly or your Runescape client installation becomes corrupted you will be shown the following error when attempting to launch the Runescape client from within Runemate:

    Code (Text):
    1. Unable to load parameter file. Please reinstall the program.

    As the error code suggests, you need to reinstall the Runescape client.

    Note: Repairing the installation will not work - You will need to completely remove the Runescape client - On Windows, through the Uninstall or change a program option in your Control Panel.

    Once you have done this, download a fresh installation of the Runescape client from the official Runescape website and install it.

    Close and re-open Spectre and you are back in action!

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