RS3 For Sale: 650m RS3 Gold

Discussion in 'General Market' started by kazemanie, Jul 13, 2016.

  1. 650m RS3 Gold for sale.

    I reserve the right to sell to people I deem trustworthy only.

    Post below if interested.
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  2. What's your price (per mill).
  3. 0.23 / M Sounds fair? Cheaper than the Chinese sites I've seen at 0.28/m +
  4. 50m please
  5. @Geashaw has first dibs on the GP, but if there's any left I'll let you know :)
  6. Thanks
  7. Not today ^^ Bit busy, Thanks though
  8. Bump ~700m for sale :)
  9. Are you available in 10 hours from now?
  10. would u swap that for osrs?
  11. I'm available now for the next ~2.5 hours. Otherwise I will be available again in approximately 14 hours time.

    No sorry, my only OSRS account got banned.
  12. How do you want to get paid?
    And do you want to chat over skype? Or maybe slack?
  13. I've PM'd you.
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    100m sold to @Mmaaikel :)

    ~600m left in stock.
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  14. Price per M?
    I would like to buy around 100M
  15. Sorry not to be rude but I don't know you enough.
  16. Okay then.
  17. And you know me? I'm flattered! And that's a smart move, only sell to trusted people.

    I might buy a couple hundred next week. Say 400m for $90?
  18. Something like that :)

    And sure, 400m next week. PM me when you are ready
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    Still keen?
  19. No thank you, gonna do some osrs when I have time
  20. Willing to sell to me? I'm looking for 100M. If not it's cool, you just seem to have the best prices

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