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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Wizard, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. Is there any way to put the members online at the bottom of the forum index with there possible mark-up also?
  2. Are you a wizard?
  3. Most definitely, that is how I formed these ideas.
  4. I suggest you speak with @Arbiter he's in charge of this.
  5. I kinda like it in the sidebar, because there isn't much content there at the moment. Why do you want to see it on the bottom?
  6. You might want to make the names on the "online people list" show their user rank. When I needed a moderator for something on on say powerbot I usually just checked for any yellow/green name on the online list.
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  7. @EvilCabbage

    Got some spare time in the evenings to help you out if you wish.
  8. Your Skype "Add me" button doesn't work.

    Could you add my Skype? Live:EvilCabbage
  9. Ah great ... Took that from someones site assuming it would work. I'll add your skype in a minute, has to download Skype on iPhone.
  10. The side bar is full with 5 other things. The bottom of the forum is fairly empty and most people are used to it being displayed on the bottom of the forum. No legitimate reason as to why as it was only a suggestion.
    And this would still be good to add.
  11. I feel like it would look better if the Staff Online was displayed where it is, but the forum statistics be somewhere lower on the page.

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