RS3 Free 99 fish account for script makers

Discussion in 'General Market' started by djdraco88, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. Hi I got 99 fishing account and 85 divination with 89k sharks , I use to play rs3 none stop now quit
    if a scripter contacts me I will send details , I was selling the account but rather just give it away now
    p.s if I don't reply in next couple days I'm just away
    and on last note want to say bye bye to the community is been amazing and keep the work up
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  2. Good Luck in the future :D
    P.S. You joined on my Birthday!!!
  3. Thx man and happy upcoming birthday in October lol, are u after the account?
  4. If it's still available I'd like to use/borrow it to work on my rocktail script bot!

    Much appreciated.
  5. I can do it 2 ways give to the first person who asks or just post details here and first person to request email change gets it
  6. No I'm good, looks like you got a request! And thanks, only a few more months till I'm a 18
  7. give to hyper! a rocktail script bot would be nice
  8. @hyper689 its yours ill send you details please request email change asap as I wont be online for too long and guys keep up the hard work
  9. Much appreciated bro!
  10. can u do me a fav once u got it post a screen shot here this account was achieved thx to runemate
  11. Sure thing, I'll even do a rocktail log with it once I've got the bot functioning.
  12. all done cya rune mate community is been a pleasure

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