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    Not sure if everyone here already knows this, if you don't, have fun!
    The only requirement is that you are a student with proof / student email address.

    Github Student Developer Pack
    This pack is amazing because of the $50 digital ocean and the other great stuff it gives you.
    You can apply for this pack here. https://education.github.com/pack
    • Atom
    • Bitnami - Business 3 plan for one year.
    • CrowdFlower - Access to the crowdflower platform.
    • DigitalOcean - $50 in platform credit for new users.
    • dnsimple - Bronze hosted DNS plan for two years.
    • Github - Micro account (5 private repositories) while you're a student.
    • Hackhands - $25 in platform credit.
    • Visual Studio - VS Community 2013 and the rest of the DreamSpark collection while you're a student.
    • Namecheap - One year .me domain and one year SSL certificate.
    • Orchestrate - Developer account (normally $49/month) while you're a student.
    • SendGrind - Student plan with 15K free emails/month while you're a student.
    • Stripe - Waived transaction fees on first $1000 in revenue processed.
    • Travis CI - Private builds (normally $69/month) while you're a student.
    • Unreal Engine - UE while you're a student.
    Jetbrains Student Program
    This pack is sooo good because of the high quality development tools Jetbrains offers.
    You can apply for this program here. https://www.jetbrains.com/student/
    If you can't apply using your email, create a pull request with your school in the swot repository. https://github.com/JetBrains/swot
    • ReSharper - Visual Studio extension for .NET.
    • ReSharper C++ - Visual Studio extension for C++.
    • IntelliJ IDEA - An intelligent IDE for java. (Good for RuneMate bot development ;))
    • PhpStorm - IDE for Web & PHP.
    • WebStorm - A smart JavaScript IDE. (Works awesome with NodeJS!)
    • dotTrace - .NET performance profiler.
    • dotCover - .NET code coverage tool.
    • dotMemory - .NET memory profiler.
    • RubyMine - IDE for Ruby and Rails.
    • PyCharm - Powerful Python & Django IDE.
    • AppCode - Smart iOS/OS X IDE.
    • CLion - Cross-platform C/C++ IDE.
    DeployBot Student Program
    This website is the best thing ever, it deploys your repositories exactly how you want it to.

    I discovered this by sending them an email, they offer 10 free repositories for students. Make sure you register with a student email and just send them an email about how you're a student with no money to pay for expensive stuff.

    You can find more information on their website. http://deploybot.com/

    That's all I got!
    Hopefully you're able to claim most of them! Have fun (y)
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    Very nice! This will be useful for me.
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    Thanks I knew about github theres is pretty good for lots of stuff I personally used it for unreal engine but I had no idea that jetbrain had one even even knew what jetbrain is Got my self IntelliJ now though thanks :)

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