(Free) Proxies (SOCKS 5)

Discussion in 'General Market' started by Mikaelz, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. CA1 4444
    Cz CZ1 4444
    De DE1 4444
    Fr FR1 4444
    Hk HK1 4444
    Lu LU1 4444
    Lv LV1 4444
    Nl NL1 4444
    Pa PA1 4444
    Ru RU1 4444
    Ru RU2 4444
    Ru RU3 4444
    Uk UK1 4444
    Us US1 4444
    Us US2 4444
    Us US3 4444

    They all require username:password, which is p4097fn2473:2hji1nhfgl8. Works perfectly with RuneMate. Use only on new accounts / trash accounts. Multiple ppl will use these so if one account gets flagged, everyone on that socks5 will get flagged.
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  2. Lol.

    "Multiple people will use these" Don't say so when they are released by someone else a fair month ago.
  3. And you said in that other thread that I don't know what I'm talking about? xD

    Look at the usernames and passwords.
  4. If you like free proxies use crackingking
  5. Usernames and passwords do not matter in situation where these proxies are definately obtained from a public list.
  6. Come down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Naw they weren't, but it is possible that someone else also got access to these and just leaked them onto pastebin.

  8. what do proxies do?
  9. They allow you to start a bot using a different IP.
    This is usefull when your own IP is flagged, or your planning on botting on a lot of accounts on 1 pc.
  10. how do i use them?
  11. Probably, but it's very risky to use public proxies.
    I advice you to purchase a private SOCKS5.

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