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  1. First and foremost notice, anyone who cannot follow the simple form won't even get a reply from me.

    Please just copy / paste & edit the form below by put the design type you want in bold, then erase and filling out the other parts necessary for completion.
    Design Type: Signature / Banner / Profile Picture / Twitter Header / Facebook Cover / Other

    Dimensions: Normally I have a set size I use for each type of design
    (Signatures Either 550x120 or 680x250 / FB Cover 850 x 315 / Twitter Header 1500 x 500 / Profile Pictue 160x160 or higher)
    If you would like specific dimensions please specify here, if not leave blank.

    Image: So if you've already got an idea of what you want your signature to look like, and have some images you'd like incorporated into your signature please provide the images.

    Additional Notes:
    If you have anything you'd like to request or say please do that here.
    As of right now I only accept payment through PayPal Invoices or OSRS gold so as to prevent scamming.

    Prices will vary from Free - 25$ depending on the following
    • Size of Graphics Design Type
    • If you already have images/resources or if you want me to come up with everything
    • How complex and edited or how simple of a design you want
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  2. Do you have a Skype?
  3. Yep my skype is jacobhale95 when adding please say your runemate name so I know who is adding me :)
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  4. This guy is a story for himself!

    I got an amazing cover photo/logo made for page. Quick, fast (don't have anymore adjectives to describe speed).

    Thanks again for the amazing work, and what a nice customer service, I felt like I was sleeping on a cloud.

    Be sure to test him out
  5. Glad to see a happy free customer :)

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