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  1. Hello just follow my guide:

    1. do what ever feels comfortable for you

    2. it will be in German so on the top right will be 2 side by side boxes click it and switch to English

    3. make sure both are on mr German and Germany

    4. now be for i continue

    5. fakenamegen is ofv fake but it sets everything up real

    6. go to
    7. find Germany

    8. do not copy +49
    9. put a 0 like 0157

    10. has to be one of your emails if you do not feel comfortable make a new one could be yahoo live gmail does not matter

    11. good the account is ibaned

    12. just copy the iban info DE37 only

    13. unless you get two more boxes
    • copy the code

    • this will take up to 2days-1week.

    • thanks for watching enjoy :)

    • IBAN INFO:

    Fakenamegen is 100% fake they it will work.
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    i take no responsibility to what you do with the vps or domain.
  2. How long does the vps normally last?
  3. watch the video will last 1 year depending what package you use
  4. well just did it time to wait!
  5. damn sorry for late reply alright it will be a bit for it to go in.

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