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  1. What version of Java does RuneMate require?
    You need at least Java 8 Update 77 to run RuneMate. If you use the native installers the correct version of Java will be downloaded for you.

    What operating systems are supported?
    RuneMate officially supports Windows and Mac OS X. RuneMate also officially supports certain distributions of Linux, like Ubuntu, but may unofficially support many more.

    I'm getting an error saying my session has expired!
    This can occur when RuneMate can't establish a connection to the website for over 15 minutes. It's also been known to occur on laptops when they enter sleep mode. Simply restart RuneMate to resolve this. You may also want to look into disabling sleep mode or debugging your network connectivity.

    A bot isn't working correctly!
    That's unfortunate but it's usually outside of the Staff's control. Please report the issue to the Bot Author on the bot's discussion thread. If a bot remains broken for a significant period of time we may hide it from the Bot Store until the author returns and fixes it.
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  2. Hi @Cloud does Runemate works well with CentOS? Linux? I know you say Runemate is supported on Linux I just need to be sure before I pay for a VPS.
  3. It's very possible that you'll encounter issues with it.
  4. Hey @Cloud I just joined runemate today and I was wondering how I could run two clients at once.
  5. Just double click the application twice. :)
  6. @terrorbyte - You will need to use the Oracle Java SE Development Kit instead of OpenJDK in order to run RuneMate on CentOS/Ubuntu.

    Java SE Development Kit 8 - Downloads
  7. just downloaded the installer and it won't open...had to download the jar file ..and i am on windows 7 with crome or torch if that helps
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  8. What OS are you using?

    Note: If it is Linux(CentOS/Ubuntu) then make sure you run the installer with "sudo".
  9. when I open up a client through runemate, my laptop is spammed with notifications. The notifications are of every message someone sends (which means I'm constantly getting them). I turned off my public chat, but I still get them. I also turned off tray notifications on the runemate client but It still continues... please help!
  10. That's a bot setting, not a client setting - browse the settings on the bot and toggle the option.
  11. Hey! Im a free user and im getting an error saying that im using more than 2 instances when im only using one, and it is telling me to upgrade my account. How can i fix this? Gyazo - ca9fe4d0a1038a5a9b5a60ff1be08243.png
  12. Dont force close or otherwise ungracefully close Spectre, doing so won't terminate the session and it will take up a slot until it times out.

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