RS3 From zero to main (RM botted main)

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  1. From zero to main (RM botted main)

    So guys, i have recently sold my main hand grinded account, and i thought of why not make a main that's all the way botted :D

    Starting from today, will update daily screenshots untill i get banned, if so i will make a new account and see how far i can get :D wish me good luck guys ;)

    Starting with these: (8-9h botted already)

    Doing quests a bit, got a nice present here ;)
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  2. Ahhh, I love these goals. Best of luck! I subbed to this thread so keep us updated ;)
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  3. Best of luck mate !!
    Will you be suicide-botting on this, or just 8-10 hours a day while doing quests etc aswell ?
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  4. Good luck with your goal!
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  5. @Microsoft ill bot like 10-12h a day doing quests also as all of these skills ;) trying to get a bond on f2p now
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    Any other methods to make better money on f2p than drinking wine with celestial wine drinker? :D
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  6. Good Luck, Always Fun To See This :D
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  7. Account got banned sadly :( starting a new one today :D another chance
  8. That sucks buddy, better luck next time i guess ;)
  9. Got a new accound going on :D will shoot screenies when i get home ;p

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