RS3 Frost Dragon Bot Progress

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  1. My Progress with PixieFDK Bot:
  2. If you put in work, this the night you gon' retire.
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  3. Frost bones only 1.4m/h now? :O
  4. Are frost dragons good combat exp actually?

    Edit: nvm (note to self) check the proggies more in detail
  5. Ban rates?
  6. 100-150k xp/h :) range is upto 150k, combat upto 130k/h
  7. Ran the bot 25-35hrs+ almost non stop Except for restarting the client no bans
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  8. I have had an account banned at frost drags before but this was in the early days of Pixie FDK and I ran for like 18 hours everyday.

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