Frost Dragons still worth it?

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  1. wanting to get 85 dungeneering, is killing frost dragons still worth it or is it full of bots?
  2. Ill get some of pixie fdk users to show you if its worth it or not.
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  4. It's worth if you're willing to take the ban risk. Lately mods have been scouting the area.
  5. why not just legit frost drags to make cash and bot everything else, people have been getting manual bans at frost drags recently.
  6. Ehh yea, it has only been one person from what i have heard.
  7. Fraz the heat will die down jagex need to cull some bots in certain areas or prices will go down quicker than a ducth prostitute :)
  8. Im just saying there is no heat, just because one ban happens doesnt mean 'Jagex is cracking down on it'.
  9. I know i agree, it's difficult for them to tell who is botting and who isn't via whatever strategies they employ i.e botwatch but if you walk around runescape you and i and everyone else can tell who is a bot by watching them, talking to them if we can figure them out in 5 seconds then someone who's employed to get rid of bots will also know, i think your fdk script bot should be at a higher premium so less people use it.
  10. Soon the bot will detect Jagex moderators in the area. I have been talking to cloud and this feature may also be implemented into RuneMate.
  11. I think soon that jagex will have a small bot nuke at green and blue dragons as everyone is complaining like fuck on the runescape forums and everytime i pass them there are just lvl 70's farming dragons lol and they don't bot smart at all, i look forward to using your script bot i have all the reqs for frost drags besides 85 dung.
  12. I look forward to you using it to. How far off are you?
  13. 45 dung levels lol!, i had too much focus on combat and forgot that skilling and other things exist :)
  14. hahahah xD yea fair enough man
  15. Is it even possible to detect jmods and their invisibility toggle? The recent glitch in osrs made it impossible for jmods and even the botwatch system to find you since you were basically invisible cause the system caught you "logging out".

    Can we ever be safe from mods? ;o
  16. Just searching for all the players in a certain area. Could detect them even if they were 'invisible' as long as they are still a player.
  17. My opinion is that; it still makes a pretty good amount of money. BUT jagex knows there are alot of botters on there, so they are watching it :)
    If i were you i would just invest all you cash in the bones, and that no1 bots them anymore :)
    You will make crazy money from the price shoot they will get :D
  18. What?
  19. what don't you understand? :)
  20. I think he means: buy frost dragon bones > bot nuke > less people at frost dragons > profit

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