RS3 Fruit Bat & Auto Planker & G.E Flipper.

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Nidalee, Apr 4, 2015.

  1. Hello Devs,

    I'd like to share some ideas with you :)

    1. Fruit Bat Papayas.
    Buying lots of Fruitfall scrolls will summon papayas, oranges, limes, pineapples and bananas. I'd like a bot that can spam Fruitfall scrolls and pickup papayas and bank them. This will be a money making bot. About 400-700k/hr depends on the GE price of papayas.

    2. Auto Planker.
    This bot should be able to make any planks dunno if theres a bot for this already.

    3. G.E Flipper.
    This bot should be able to flip items you add it to flip. It should auto find margins and it wont flip items that is below 1% proft per item, this way it will secure not to lose anything.
  2. Question: is there still a 4 hour time-out once you buy out a certain amount of one item?

    I might look into the flipper long term.
  3. Yes. Many, if not all, items have the limit. You can see the exact limit on the item's wiki page.
  4. Yes theres a 4hour timeout, but thats why you should be able to add multiply items to the list it will flip :) Also a tracker would be awesome so the bot knows when the 4 hours is up etc.
  5. I'm capable of doing that. I've actually done it before on powerbot, when I was very shitty at this. I have to much on my to-do list for now, but I'm thinking about writing this later.

    Also, I forgot to respond to your PM, I guess this works too. :p
  6. If you could make the bot loop the items you added, automatic find margins, automatic undercut aslong as the profit is over an amount in % to maximize the profit you should be all good :)

    And the basic like amount, what slots are open for flipping, auto logout/login, stop after xxxx profit made/time spent etc.

    This will take a lot of your time tho :/
  7. Yes. Personally I think a flipping bot is a horrible idea for a bot though.
  8. Why? :) Botting is a horrible idea too, so why not just maximize and abuse it as much as possible? :)
  9. Due to the nature of how volatile the market for almost any flippable item is botting it is putting a huge risk on the account, also it's a minimal effort task. No real reason to have it automated.
  10. Well many people are flipping items, it will be hard to track flipping bots as you can make it human like by logging out, walking around going into bank and to G.E again etc.

    Minimal effort? Fishing is 80% afk minimal effort, Divination is 70% afk minimal effort, mining is 50% afk minimal effort too..
    Actually I think that Flipping items is harder than actually fishing or grabbing wine of zamork as you have to keep track of numbers, items, limits, hours etc.

    I think that Flipping bots will most likely earn more than any farming bot + it requires no skilling at all.
  11. You don't even need to keep track of shit unless you are merching items with extremely low margins, and at that point you're just wasting your own time.
  12. My bad, flipping Third-age druidic robes, Ascension crossbows, torva platebodys, virtus wands and spider legs etc does not require to keep track of anything :)
    Anyways I can easy use 4-8 hours a day flipping items and if a bot can help me reduce that with 50% i'd gladly pay for it :)
  13. There's already a Fruit Bat bot on the bot store :p

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