fuck it ima risk it

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  1. dk why but i dont like to be afraid to bot on something so its all or nothing

    Update got 70 agility today

    70 agility.png

    Since some people ask me what kinda of bank / items i keep on this account

    bank.png its nothing to special but i trust this bot enough to bot with this :p also some other random shit on, this are the things that are mention worthy i guess :p
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  2. Damn thats a really good account :eek:
  3. mehh i dont realy play myself i only bot but i hope it will survive :p
  4. You're throwing away $40 odd
  5. haha could be worse
  6. holllyyyyyyyyyyy shieeeeeeeeeeeeeet good luck bruv
  7. fuck it.
  8. thank you sir
  9. Best of luck to you. :)
  10. No, don't do it, please don't do it
    Cause one of us goes in, and we all go through it
    And Drizzy got the money, so Drizzy gonna pay it
    Those my brothers, I ain't even gotta say it
    That's just something they know
  11. thx :D
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    cant sell the account its worthless with the bot busting offence and not realy interested in selling either
    i just wanna see how it works out even tough we all know the outcome
  12. Good luck, mate! Don't get too greedy doe;)
  13. ill do my best not gonna over do it also botting on diff computer and ip then my other account thx
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  14. Ballsy mate.
  15. ty :p
  16. So is that one of those experiences that people do just for the sake of it but everybody knows the result? Awesome, keep it going :p
  17. That account isn't worthless even with that offense. I'd be interested in it if you had been planning on selling it :p
  18. It's called anal.
  19. no thanks the problem is i dident create the account a friend did this years ago so if he decides to reclaim i am the one who loses it not someone who buys it form me :)
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    u sir won the best comment of the day award
  20. It the weekend so you be ok for 48h

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