RS3 Full Thieving guild training

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by tafani, Jul 21, 2016.

  1. Hey could we get a thieving guild script bot? I'm basically Planning on going from 46-99 Thieiving through coshing.
  2. Would love this kind of bot and use the shit out of it.
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  3. Yeah, we definitely need a Thieving bot for the higher levels.
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  5. no chance sorry this will be way too big. If you want one bad pay cloud
  6. ^ What do you mean way too big?
  7. Maybe when I have time. A bit busy with some other stuff atm
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  8. What would the bot do, explain in detail.
  9. It would lure the closest coshing volunteer, go through the dialouges, knock them out, and then loot them 2-3 times before they wake up. Then the process is repeated. You could tell the user to have a volunteer trapped behind the store's door already and to make sure they have their rubber blackjack equipped.
  10. Bump still need ~~
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    Bump Any chance @SlashnHax @awesome123man @Exia @qverkk
  11. Recently, I have attempted to make a bot which was supposed to pickpocket advanced pickpocketing trainers. However, in contrast to game object interactions, npc interactions are relatively slow and highly inaccurate. This is especially prominent with npc's that move often, such as the aforementioned advanced pickpocketing trainers. For instance, it would take 5-10 attempts before a successful interaction took place. As a consequence, only 20-25k experience per hour could be achieved. This is nowhere near desired experience gains. So I ended up abandoning this project.


    Same goes for monkey knife fighters. As long as the npc's move often, it is difficult to achieve reliable interactions.
  12. @Toksik you can trap both monkey knife fighters and the NPCs in the thieving guild. They will be stuck forever. All bots I've used in the past required the user to trap the NPC before starting the bot as the luring part can be tricky to be coded.
  13. Hm. I have never heard of that trick before. I will retest my bot in that case.
  14. I'd suggest looking up a video. It's pretty easy and helps a ton. Good luck :D

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