RS3 Functioning LRC mining and fishing bots

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by RS Bosser, Jan 17, 2016.

  1. Hello RuneMate community. I really wish their were functioning LRC mining and fishing bots. I know some are out there like Celestial Fisher and Exia Miner, but they do not work properly at all and it doesn't seem like they have time to work on them. I saw Exia was updated recently, but it was for other stuff.

    These bots could be Pro bots that cost money per hour so they could be a good project to start or maybe update the ones that already have the foundations. RuneMate hasn't had an LRC mining bot since I have been a member and Celestial Fisher hasn't worked properly in a while.

    I'm just making suggestions to improve RuneMate and make it a better bot/client than it already is! :)
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  2. I want a LRC miner / fishing bot :D
  3. I need 7 more levels before I can fix and test my script bot. Can you give me a report of what does not work with Exia Miner LRC? That way I'll know what to look into when I'm fixing it.
  4. Well when I used it two days ago the bot had a lot of problems. It stands still for long periods of time and has trouble finding concentrated coal rocks; it does not recognzie which ones are not depleted and which ones are.
  5. Ayy, just as Exia I would like to know what exactly is not working on Celestial Fisher.
    I do not deny it has bugs, but I am currently preparing for Spectre release and fixing stuff on Celestial Fisher, so it would be nice to know what the concrete problems are :)

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