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  1. Eagles13' FXML Declaration Helper:

    This is an IntelliJ extension which lets you quickly & efficiently generate Java declarations for FXML components. Once you've set up your FXML UI, this plugin removes the repetitive work of manually typing out all the component names and types.

    Functionality overview:

    To download this app as an Intellij plugin, see here:

    Or you can go to IntelliJ -> Settings -> Plugins -> Browse repositories -> Search for FXML -> Select "FXML declaration helper" -> Click install.

    Or download directly:
    (to install go to Settings -> Plugins -> Install from disk -> Select JAR).

    Once downloaded & Installed, a new contextmenu item should be visible for all fxml files in the project view.

    Old OP:

    In order to use this, make sure that you have the relevant FXML file open, and then click the menuitem. The relevant declarations will be copied to the clipboard.

    I'm aware that it seems somewhat clunky, I'd quite like to add a feature to dynamically detect all FXML files in the project, and then have them as menuitems. Then when the end user clicks them, it just auto-inserts the declarations into the currently open document. When I have time to implement this kind of functionality, I probably will do. There will definitely be a version 0.2.

    Old Old OP:
    So, I got bored of typing out the IDs of all the controls on my JFX forms. So I wrote this:


    Source code:

    Q: Post a virus scan, n00b
    A: Don't use the program. This ain't HF and they don't mean shit.

    Q: I compiled it and the MD5 of the compiled version differs from the one you're offering for download.
    A: I merged dependencies using SmartAssembly.

    Q: y u no use ilmerge?
    A: Dunno.

    Q: I found a bug.
    A: Send it to me a long with the pertinent FXML file.

    Q: Your code is shite.
    A: I know.

    Q: Why don't you make this a dev tool?
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  2. Well thats a good tool :p
  3. furry nais
  4. Eagles, your are our savior, our messiah! All praise the god of the eagles!

    I don't know how many times i have assigned the wrong type of control or wrong name. Thank you
  5. Very nice, thanks! :)
  6. Fantastic idea! I hope to see it as a dev tool soon. :D
  7. pls make dev tool
  8. Even bettar. It is now an IntelliJ addon. See OP for glorious update.
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    Edit: Made a new version xD

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