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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by AaronStrack, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. I've noticed that every time i use a bot and go aft to watch a movie or something but come back 10 minutes later , my runescape game has logged out to the login screen, essentially i might as well train manually haha is there anything I'm missing that keeps the game logged in while using the client?
  2. Either the bot you're using is getting logged out because you're idling too log i.e. Chopping yews and not moving the camera or anything like that while it waits. But even then it should log you back in. Make sure you've selected your account in the account selector. I know it looks like an account is selected by default but iirc it isn't so you should click the account anyway.
    The other reason would be crappy connection. But again, it should be logging you back in.
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  3. Same here, every bot I use clicks the logout button straight away.
  4. Every time I start a bot, it just logs out instead of doing what it is supposed to do..So yeah. Please fix!
  5. Marking as resolved. If you're still experiencing this issue just reply to this thread with the info and i'll mark it as a bug again.
  6. Still having the logout issue. Every time I start the bot, he instant logs out.
  7. Well you need to be more specific than that. Have you tried multiple bots? Which bots have you tried? I'm only reopening this bug report if you can show that it's more likely a client issue than a bot issue.
  8. It happend to me with the MaxiWoodcutter, the Pick 'n Burry is working fine atm.
  9. Then the bug report should be posted in MaxiWoodcutter's specific bot support & feedback thread, not in Client Support.

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