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Discussion in 'Client & Site Suggestions' started by Derk, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. Simply adding a tag for bots to display the gametype they can be used on would be great. Might take some of the confusion away from people if they visit a bot thread and the bot author forgot to inform the users about it. It can be automatically set using the gametype tag from the manifest file of any bot that has been added to the bot store.

    [RS3]Arraxor killer
    [OSRS]Nightmare zone bot
    [RS3/OSRS]Woodcutting bot
  2. To be honest, that's not even the issue (although it's a good suggestion). The real problem is users don't notice the RS3/OSRS icon on the bot when adding it in the bot store, and then go posting on the thread complaining that it isn't showing up in their bot selector.
  3. That is also part of the problem, but this also causes confusion.

    Perhaps forcing users to choose between OSRS or RS3 bots before even getting to see the bots in the bot store will make it obvious why the bot doesn't show up in the wrong kind of game type when they want to run the bot.
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  4. Good idea in theory, but it fragments our offerings meaning less results show up. I think perhaps a toggleable "Show all" in the client bot selector would be better.
  5. Or maybe add like a nice GFX per bot to show the supported game type :)


    Or give the thread name for a bot a certain color :)
    Red = RS3
    Blue = OSRS
  6. lol i did this one time i didn't make a complaint cause i went back to the bot and looked at it.

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