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    Hello guys, I am offering OSRS questing service on Rune Mate. I can work for 3 to 4 hours a day. I am not putting a quest list as of now but for u to have an idea here are some examples. Plz Pm me if u want to see my Offsite FB. Doing 1 Medium length quest free/user for first 10 users.

    AVA's Package(5m) or 4$-BTC
    Animal Magnetism
    Restless ghost
    Priest in Peril
    Earnest the chicken

    NMZ Package(6m) or 4.8$-BTC
    Grand tree
    Tree Gnome village
    Lost City

    Fight arena
    Vampire slayer

    Mithril Gloves(10M) or 8$-BTC
    Helping the cook.
    - Cook's assistant.
    Freeing the mountain dwarf.
    - Fishing contest.
    Freeing the goblins.
    - Goblin diplomacy.
    Freeing evil dave.
    - Gertrude's cat.
    - Shadow of the storm.
    - Demon slayer.
    - The golem.
    Freeing skrach uglogwee.
    - Big chompy bird hunting.
    Freeing Pirate Pete.

    Barrows Gloves 90$ BTC[43 pray]
    (Must have all the skills,decent combat stats)

    Desert Treasure(10m) or 8$-BTC[43 pray only]
    Temple of Ikov
    The Digsite
    Tourist Trap
    Troll Stronghold
    Priest in peril

    Monkey madness(6m) or 4.8$-BTC[43 pray only]
    Grand Tree
    Tree Gnome Village

    Please contact me for individual Quests.

    I may need your bank pin for some quests so I would suggest you to transfer all your valuables.


    1) I am not responsible for any bans or mute since all quests will be done manually using osbuddy.

    2) you should not login while im questing. this will result in auto cancellation of the order and no refund will be given.

    3) If for any reason I am not able to complete any quest a full refund will be given.(in case of a bulk order i will refund the amount only for those quests which i haven't completed.

    DISCORD: Gaur#7146
    SKYPE: [email protected]
    Payment: Os gp or BTC[Prefered]
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