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Discussion in 'OSRS' started by Geashaw, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. Latest screenshot:



    Road to main (can't upload more than 50 images in this thread..)
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  2. Shame you can't have all level 5's :D
  3. That was the plan, but then I came to the conclussion that slayer has a 1:4 ratio in experience :(

    The hunter was just me being lazy and stopping early today.

    Was thinking about doing it on a five level base, like in the picture, getting everything up to ten, then 15, etc.
  4. I meant hp, lol. But yeah. Why 5 everything to start?

  5. If it helps at all, you can level all your skills to 9 and do that varrock museum mini-quest. Takes like 5 minutes and instantly levels slayer & hunter to 9

    not too sure if that's what you're going for tho
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  6. Ah, that's a great tip! I will use that :)
  7. Dont know if you meant this but your name is on the top left picture of the image.
  8. That's my osbuddy account I created, but thanks!
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    Another update, target is 30 ish all stats for now! :)
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    You guys may have missed some screenies but I have uploaded them here, 40 hunter was the last one!
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  9. You don't like farming m9?
  10. I do, the experience is just got damn slow. Perhaps tree runs from now on. Gotta swap some 100m RS3 for OSRS first...
  11. Fairytale Pt 1
  12. Yeh, was thinking about doing 'em this weekend.
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    Banned: Your account will be available again in 2 days, or earlier if you submit a successful offence appeal.
  13. Damn badluck on the 2 day ban. But, if you got all those stats botted and only got a 2 day ban then that's really good in my opinion. I've been perm banned for getting only 1-70 strength and nothing else! Got a 2 day ban for 1-55 agility too, so don't feel too bad because you got a lot further than I have.
  14. I guess it was kinda lucky indeed :)

    Working on base 40 stats right now, well .. I need:
    • 28-40 slayer
    • 31-40 runecrafting
    • 34-40 farming
    Small update

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  15. Are you botting the ogres, if so, what script bot are you using?

    I have a totally botted range tank (37 attack 37 strength 70 def 82 range) that I want to bot range on. I was botting at ogres under edgeville but might go to the caged ogres with bronze arrows if the script bot is ok.
  16. I was doing it legit casually, sorry bud xD
  17. Neat progress man!
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  18. Another update added, 50 mining, 50 cooking, 45 fishing achieved =)
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    Three more 50s =)
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    And 50 woodcutting has been achieved. Got it from 1500ish oak logs at over 31k xp/hr legit :)
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    Changed the title, suits better right?
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    Fucking finally, 50 agility and thieving has been aquired!

    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 24, 2016 ---
    Did monkey madness today and reached 60 attack and strength

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  19. Awesome progress!!
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  20. Quite some gains for one picture

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    Forgot to upload the screenshots, here's the latest!

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