OSRS Getting my OSRS up for youtube video's "with OSbuddy pro"

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by WYD, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. Gl with clue scroll
  2. 1st kill it was tbh.
  3. 3muchluck7me :(
  4. I got no friends who play OSRS just RS3 :(
  5. RS3 is not good. OSRS is good:)
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  6. I think my 1st OSRS video go to be about, "How to make 150k/h with 30/20/20"
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  7. As long as you don't report people for macroing...
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  8. What drug's are you on?
  9. hello today me go to be kill men and clue drop
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  10. lols this guy.

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