Dark GF bank.

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  1. Got 1 hit obby mauled at varrock GE when the guard was on the other side and I had my cash stack in my inv. Only 850K but it felt like alot. I wasn't even mad tbh I'll just bot it right back up haha gotta love runemate.

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  2. Secretly he broke his computer out of rage :p jk jk
  3. i feel your pain, it's heart breaking.
  4. heart breaking? you got me crying
  5. About a week ago I was fucking around at GE on a mule, and a level 6 attacked me. Good thing he was shit, cause he almost got 1.2m cash and 50k pure ess lol.
  6. Better off using lumby GE
  7. happened to me aswell, but i don't know how to make my money back
  8. Happened to me at varrock ge for 320k then hit for another 500k today cause people have there bats flying around blocking the banker trying to get a misclick and I finally did.
  9. In your attack style selection screen you can "sheathe/unsheathe" your weapon and you won't be able to left click attack anymore.
  10. Oh the woes of divination... I lost 8k energies not paying attention my first day on DS. Quickly remedied or at least cushioned those potential losses.
  11. Honestly, I cannot share that feeling. I have to admit that I am one of those kids pk'ing at the G.E. :$

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