GG Guys got a temp ban

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  1., that was my almost 10 year old main account. I'll never bot on it again ever, Jagex has spared me. Holy fucking shit. I'll tell you what I used about 10 different bots in the last week, I played and babysat for almost 10-12 hours a day, got almost all my stats up to 75, couldnt tell specifically if any bot was to blame. TBH, I think my clan reported me (hey bro why do you always reply 10 minutes late but never go afk (nobody has ever said that but they know)). I may have risen suspicion mining granite for 10 hours(some fucktard was mining the same granite the bot would click on just to fuck with me and he realized the pattern). Anyways G fucking G.
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  2. Glad you didn't lose it completely.
  3. Bot busting is manual I'm sure, clan probably did report you and they've looked into you. Fuck those guys man!

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