GG main just got banned

Discussion in 'General' started by KingSwapV2, Feb 12, 2016.

  1. As the title says ^^ lvl 131 main got banned for 48 hours for botting Houndspan from 60-69, :3 botting is kinda hard right now
  2. Wait 48 hours and play legit until spectre gets released.
  3. Ik but the after effects after the ban is kinda pain in the ass.... jagex restricts u from basically playing the game.
  4. Are you talking about RS3 or OSRS?
    I haven't been banned for 48 hours yet, what are the restrictions?
  5. Better than a permanent ban.
  6. Lol I've had trade restrictions from 48hr and ppl just spam traded me bc it would say "I can't do that because I have been using a bot".
  7. Rs3 ikr when u trade or use ge it says that message
  8. For how long does it do that?
    Fuck, I was temp banned for 48 hours, hope it's not like that forever :x
  9. sorry for your loss
  10. the postcount is strong with this one
  11. is it?
  12. 2 weeks last time it happened to me. Just turn trading and public chat off then the world won't know your dirty little secret. ;p
  13. got permed today 2
  14. "These sanctions apply whilst your account is logged in to a RuneScape game world."
    That's really harsh doe
  15. right?
    I have to have 168 hours of being logged in, fucking gay dude
    I'll just put on an auto clicker when I'm out of the house and hope it goes away soon :/
  16. least you're not perma banned...I've never been lucky enough to be temp banned on the twenty-something accounts I had. You should consider yourself very lucky ;)
  17. They are handing out the 48-hour bans again. It was a while they only used Major offence, but first time offence is now considered as Minor mostly. Nothing "rare" here.
  18. Nah, that's just bs, the timer goes down even if you aren't logged in. Experienced it twice by now
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