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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by bdwill2, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Able to detect a name and go to their house use altar and then use edgeville teleport to go back and restart the process in yanille. It would be great.
  2. omg please
  3. I'm really hoping someone would do this cause I need it so bad D:
  4. Alpha GA had this.

    Edit: Or was it celestial GA?
  5. They do kinda it works differently. For lower levels without construction its a bit more difficult though. the one they have is for your altars or a friends. The problem with that one though is you have to have a house in yanille(because they use home teleports), and hope the person doesn't close their house while you're running it or have 75 con and do it yourself. If they could make updates where you could loadstones to get to yanille it would be more optimal, and a way to detect names that the people outside the portal in world 31. Then you could just go to the bank in Edgeville get your bones, teleport to yanille go to an altar, then 10/10 times they have a glory mounted on the wall so you can teleport back to edgeville and repeat the process again.
  6. Have you tried the bots? They do exactly that.
  7. He wants a bot that finds a house with a gilded altar automatically.
  8. I have tried and it doesn't because I'm not able to get a yanille house teleport
    Edit* also the bot doesn't feature the loadstone option to yanille
  9. But there is a bot that does do that, it's either Celestial GA or Alpha GA. You have to fill out a name first and you can tick a box that detects a new name if the previous house becomes unavailable.

    It does feature walking in Yanille from bank to portal.
  10. It could be faster though with loadstones option
  11. True, I would advice you to suggest this option on the thread corresponding to the bot. :)
  12. I'll do it now we'll see
  13. This would be godly,
  14. I'll ask what he wants, He wants a bot that uses friends gilded altar and uses glory to tele to edgeville, using preset banks quick and then use yanille lodestone tele to go back to the friends house. The thing is ALPHA GILDED ALTAR does not support yanille friends house, unless u have 50 cons to place a house for your own at Yanille. So that's more like putting gasoline into fire. :3
  15. That's exactly it
  16. I would want one for osrs.
  17. Welp I got 99 prayer today so.. :/ Still would be useful though

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