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  1. There are plenty of posts but no one has really come through with a working one. Pretty self explanatory, and I'm sure a ton of people would really appreciate it. There is currently one is the shop but it has not been updated in months and the creator doesn't seem on doing it any time soon.
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  3. I Support, The authors of the current Guilded Altar scripts bots haven't updated them in months.
  4. What's wrong, what do you want the bot to do, have you tried the currently available bot?
  5. I've tried all scripts bots available & None of them work. The script bot should;

    Check if your on the Guided Altar world (If not Then switches)
    Starts at Burthorpe Lodestone, Runs to Burhorpe bank & Withdraws 28 Dragon bones (using Preset 1)
    Teleports to Yanille & Enters a House portal (Enter house name in UI) Uses Altar & Teleports to Burthorpe.
    Then repeats.
  6. So that would mean using the altar of someone else. If you read through the thread you'll find that this is (and will probably) not supported.

    Your argument of does not work is invalid.
  7. Odd Last time I used Runemate was in 2014 & It was supported, Ah well..
  8. It's an older gilded alter bot that supported the "Friends House" option. It no longer works.

    I'm working on a Gilded Alter bot so can probably fill these requests. If there's anything in particular you or anyone else would like just quote me and I'll check it out.

    It will be able to automatically find a house with a gilded alter, and both burners lit. I'm also looking into implementing the option of obtaining sips of juju from the house owner. You'll even be able to offer the house owner a tip for each sip. Should hopefully be up and live sometime this coming weekend.
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  9. That sounds absolutely perfect! Could you keep us updated on the progress? I'd be glad to help out with anything you need also!

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