Giving Runemate password to log back in?

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  1. Is it safe to give the runemeate client my password so it will log me back in? Im tempted to do this because the runemate client keeps logging me out for no reason.... But i dont want to get hacked so yeah.... anyone enable this feature and not get their account stolen?
  2. yes, all my accounts have their passwords in there. Have never had any issues. Also as you can see, I have quite a bit of accounts in there, there's probably around 15-20. [​IMG]
  3. hmm okay thanks for the reply im still worried to give it my pass haha when i used to play OSRS as a teen kid i got hacked so im scared from that i guess lol. does it log you back in and work okay after loggin back in?
  4. Yes it will log you back in and continue your bot. I've noticed sometimes it gets finicky, but on RS3 I've never had issues, and I constantly run bots for 24+ hours at a time. Not so much on OS, I dont play OS anymore. Did have a 43 hour proggie there once though.
  5. Yes, it's completely safe. We can't see them if that's what you're scared of. (though why would you take our word for it then lol)
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  6. yeah i was hoping for some replies from non staff/non-supporters who have entered their passwords and not gotten hacked. Its just a little suspicious that the bot keeps logging everyone out almost seems like a ploy to get people to enter their passwords.... not saying it is or trying to start any arguments im just cautious because ive had an account stolen before and it sucks...
  7. Many people are using this. Its safe, non-profitable organisation (i guess, due to my english knowledge). We do not steal, but we do forget. Our life moto.
  8. Have my passwords, all of them!

    Ps: Please level skills while you are at it. Thank you :)
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  9. We all have been there. My main was stolen at rsbot... Fuck that piece of shit (there was a hacker at powerbot that installed keylogger inside it, while staff didn't know. I repeat, that happened ~2008. security is better now. You can trust that we won't steal your account. But bot safely doe... Please. Especially if that accoount means something to you.)...
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    Lold XD
  10. I have my password saved, I also have authenticator, so even if they did steal my password gl getting into my account. But they won't because they don't want your account.
  11. I got 10 or so account passwords on mine all have been fine.
  12. Just by saying that makes me sad thinking you dont trust RuneMate...
    Your absolutely fine dude :p
  13. nothing personal man i just dont trust anyone after having my main lvl account lvl 106 stolen when i was a kid. Crushed and ended my childhood lol
  14. Then you'll have to login yourself every 6 hours, or.... record a macro of you logging in and loop it every 6 hours and 10 minutes orso ;)
  15. Yes it's safe, you think this many people would use it if it wasn't?
  16. Yes, it's safe. Everyone does it and no one else will see it.
  17. On a sidenote: You can also enable 2 step verification If you want to be even safer ;)
  18. If you keep getting logged out then you probably have a bad connection to the runescape servers. Have you tried playing the game in the official client for an extended period of time? I personally haven't seen anyone else complaining about getting logged out frequently. I have however experienced it myself when my internet was shit, so it could very well be your internet. Running a long test on the official client would be the best way to determine if it's runemate causing it or not.
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