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  1. When i want to make new gmail for my new bot account they ask me to authorise my gmail with mobile phone. How to make new gmails without authentication via mobiel phone? How people make mails for bots?

  2. You should use a mail service like tutanota.
  3. what is so special about tutanota?? :)
  4. I don't know if it's what you're talking about, but I assume you mean the email that you register the Runescape account with?

    So not many people know this but the email you register the account with doesn't have to be a real email. You can make it whatever you want it to be. For example, [email protected], [email protected], etc. You then can link the newly created account to a real burner email address you have access to.

    It's a lot less hassle than creating an email for every single account you want to make.
  5. It's just an email provider I found which allows you to create permanent email-accounts within seconds.
  6. Oh ok thank you :) I still prefer making my own mail extensions though :p
  7. Dosent that make getting all bots abnned if one gets ban?
  8. Only if the RuneScape accounts are created from the same IP.
    Email has nothing to do with RuneScape itself, so you'll be safe ;)
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  9. Thanks "!
  10. Change IP > Incognito mode > make gmail
  11. Or you can buy a domain, setup your own mail server and create as many email aliases, thus overcoming the 'complexity' of using traditional email providers. You could also automate the process quite easily.

    For the less experienced individual, you could use disposable emails such as Mailinator and ThrowAwayMail. For those looking for to expand their network on a much bigger scale, there's always Abine's privacy suite with it's MaskMe software, which allows the creation of multiple aliases for your current email address. I personally recommend the later.
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  12. You could try as well.

    Oh, and try if you ever need a fake phone number.

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